Rose is the author of several books. Please contact Rose to purchase copies.

All books on Frampton on Severn appeal to a wide audience. They cover everyday life in a typical village and cost £20 plus postage.

  • Frampton on Severn: Portrait of a Victorian Village is lavishly illustrated with sketches drawn in the 1860s of almost every dwelling in the village. Rose has written about each of the 200 families and their lives.
  • Frampton on Severn: An illustrated history is a chronology. Rose has interwoven the village’s history with national events covering from pre-history times to 1900. Co-author, Jean Speed, continues the narrative during the twentieth century.
  • Frampton remembers WW1Frampton Remembers WW1 tells the story of the first two decades of the twentieth century in Frampton and the surrounding area, and how the war affected the lives of local people.
  • The Gloucestershire Court of Sewers 1583-1642 opens a window on sea defence and land drainage on the Gloucestershire Levels and how communities coped with flooding. These remarkable records are a rich resource for family and local historians, particularly for the coastal parishes between Shirehampton and Slimbridge. (Available from Rose for £15.00 plus postage.) This book is part of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society’s Gloucestershire Record Series.

Rose has also written a children’s book about the 1607 flood which has been illustrated by Jennifer Foster.

  • The day the sea came in: 1607 on the Gwent Levels tells the story of a great tidal flood that happened more than 400 years ago. How did Thomas, Sarah and their families survive, and what adventures did they get up to? (Available from Rose for £7.99 plus postage, or from the Book Depository (free delivery worldwide) and Amazon.)
  • Jennifer Foster’s book for children, The boar with the apples on his tusks, is set on the Newport Wetlands 7,500 years ago. It follows the adventures of a family as they set up their summer camp beside the Severn in Wales. Jennifer’s story is based on archaeological evidence, including the footprints of children playing in the mud, and will help young people learn more about life in prehistoric times. (Available from Rose for £7.00 plus postage.)